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Birth Plan Development

There is a lot going on when it comes to birth!
While having a birth plan doesn't guarantee a particular outcome, having an idea of the process and what your options are can help you create a satisfying experience.

Developing a birth plan can help you communicate with your birth team and make you a better informed consumer.

Studies have shown that birth plans:

Improve birth satisfaction

Decrease postpartum depression and PTSD

Reduce C-section rates

Facilitate shared decision-making

We'll discuss options and "what ifs" so that you will be prepared for your birth

All Birth Plans Included

Black family with birth plan circle .png

Comprehensive Personalized Birth Plan that reviews all of your options, explains your preferences, and connects your values with your choices. 

Provider in Home Circle.png

Provider Plan that succinctly explains your preferences in the provider's preferred format. Available in OB/GYN, family medicine, certified nurse midwife, and certified professional midwife formats.

Facility birth plan circle.png

Facility Plan that clearly explains your choices and values in a standardized format particular to your chosen facility. Available for facilities in Northern Iowa and beyond.

Birth Plan Session Pricing

  • 2-Hour Birth Plan Session
  • Virtual or In-Person
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