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It's time for

Stress Hits Hard



Chronic Illness

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Unlock Your Potential

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I'm Joy,
and I can help.

Joy Slaughter, BPH, BSPsy

Philosophical Counselor &
Health Coach

Stress can show up in a lot of ways.

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  • Emotional Distress

  • Grief

  • Body Image Distortion

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Chronic Illness

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Gastroparesis

  • Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome

  • Pelvic Pain, Interstitial Cystitis

  • Post-Viral Syndrome, PASC

  • Inflammation

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  • Indecision

  • Existential Crisis

  • Compassion Fatigue

My Approach

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Focus on meaning, values, mental clarity, and decision-making

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Health Coaching

Focus on wellness, nourishment, and physical healing

I combine

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For a

All techniques are incorporated for a holistic approach to growth


Evidence Based

Values Informed

Weight Neutral

Address your stress


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We'll use a variety of techniques to address your struggles.

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Existential Coaching

A philosophical approach to change that promotes the exploration of critical values, growth mindset, and deeply held beliefs.

  • Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Business and Career Decision-Making

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Thoughtful Technology

Easy-to-use platforms will help us keep in touch, track habits, and trend your results.

  • Nutrition Support

  • Heart Rate Variability Monitoring

  • Body Composition Scan

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Wellness Strategies

We'll approach physical difficulties with evidence-based methods that focus on nourishment, not restriction. 

  • Non-Judgmental, Weight-Neutral Goals

  • Bloodwork Analysis

  • Functional Health Coaching

Convenient & Affordable Sessions

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Step 1: Free Welcome Call

Let's find out if we make a good team


Step 2: Deep Dive

We'll talk about all the details  and background that you are ready to share. You'll learn how to submit information, documents, and assessments, and set-up the tech platforms that work for you.

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Step 3: Plan Development

I'll examine your story and data to develop a realistic, workable plan.

Available Options:

  • Existential Analysis

  • Bloodwork Analysis

  • Nutritional Analysis

  • HRV Analysis

  • Body Composition Analysis

  • Personalized Protocol

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Step 4: Get Started!

We'll review your initial results and tweak the plan. You'll be equipped to move forward toward your goals!

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Step 5: Follow-Up Sessions

The support you need and the encouragement you want. We'll work together every step of the way!

Excellent Service

For everyone, everywhere

  • All ages, all genders

  • Available wherever you access the internet

Dedicated, well-qualified coach

  • Robust training and diverse skill set

  • Compassionate, unhurried care

Flexible support on your terms

  • Many clients meet outside of standard business hours

  • Weekend appointments available

Combined health and wellness

  • Holistic care

  • Coordinate and integrate care from your doctors and other practitioners

What Others Are Saying

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