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Philosophy Kids Card.png

AGE LEVEL: 8-12 (should be able to listen and discuss)


This class for tweens uses familiar children's books to teach philosophical concepts and encourage critical thinking.


We will read the stories and then discuss the concepts we find. It is a child-led environment where we will talk about many things.


Parents are encouraged but not required to attend with their children.

Historic Speeches Card.png

Words communicate ideas and rouse our emotions. Come listen to the greatest American speeches of the 20th century. We will discuss the speaker, the event, and the ideas presented in respectful, Socratic fashion.

This class is intended for upper level students and adults.

Book clubs are fun, but it can be difficult to keep up with the assigned reading (or maintain interest in the book everyone else wanted to read but you).


Try the Reverse Book Club! Come share what you've been reading this week. We'll discuss theme, plot, characters, and how these concepts apply to our daily lives.


All genres are welcome.

Reverse Book Club Afternoon Edition.png

Our Reverse Book Club--now in the afternoon!


All genres are welcome.

Socratic Circle.png

Come participate in a friendly discussion of current events and timeless concepts. We will review the basic guidelines and then delve into a topic. Prompts will be provided, but new ideas are welcome!


Socratic Workshop.png

Learn the basics of Socratic dialogue and meiautic questioning. We will review the guidelines for discussion and practice a Socratic demonstration.

Additionally, we will discuss common logical fallacies, how they are used, and how to avoid them.

Have you attended one of our events?

Please let us know about your experience.

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